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Does Being Obsessive and Harassing Help You Succeed?

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Does Being Obsessive and Harassing Help You Succeed?

Post  Roger Brown on Sat 23 Apr 2011 - 9:07

Are you one of those Inventors beating a dead horse that think that it has to be your way or the highway? Do you Rant and Rave about other Inventors to the company thinking this will make you look better to the company? Do you harass the company personnel constantly writing them, calling them, thinking you can wear them down to the point they will let you in just to shut you up?
Do you see conspiracy in every response the company sends you? Do you take criticism as a personal attack on you and generations of your family? Are you obsessed to the point it is your whole life and all you think about? Do you see other Inventors as competition you have to harass or fear? Do you see Inventors on forums as the enemy wanting to steal your ideas? Do you live and breathe your obsession 24 hours a day so deep that no one can get you to see the truth when it is right in front of you?

Well, let me ask “How is it working for you? Are you finding success?”

You may think what I wrote above is extreme and no one is like that. Unfortunately, there are many Inventors that fall into one or all of the above. Inventing can be an emotional minefield if you let it control you versus you controlling it. That is why I am constantly harping about not being married to your idea and treating inventing like a business. Try and make the best informed decisions after doing your research. Passion for what you are doing is great, but obsession over your idea never seems to end well.
Two years ago I had an Inventor that sent me a product sell sheet to review. They wanted me to help them get it to market and to invest in the idea. I gave them my opinion stating that it was not a great idea, because there were other solutions already on the market better than their idea. This person called me every day for three weeks trying to get me to change my mind as they repeatedly pushed the same reason it was a great idea and I was a fool for not investing in it. I told them every time that with better solutions on the market it was not an idea they should pursue. At the end of three weeks they said “Then I guess I will have to do this myself.”
18 months later I got a call from this same Inventor cussing me saying I did not try hard enough to get him to change his mind. He was $42,000 in debt and filing for bankruptcy. He was blaming all his misfortune on me, even though I had not had any contact with him for 18 months. His obsession and uninformed decisions caused his unfortunate situation, but he still couldn’t accept it was his own decisions that got him to this hard spot.
We have all seen people that have an obsession over a product, a person, a cause. Is their obsession really helping them or just causing more issues? I believe it was Albert Einstein that said the definition of insanity is : Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
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