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Do You Really Read What is in Front of You?

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Do You Really Read What is in Front of You?

Post  Roger Brown on Mon 23 May 2011 - 15:09

I send people my NDA all time. Look at the first paragragh below and consider what you need to put in the first blank lined area. Just to make sure the receiver understands what is needed I also include this statement in each email.

"Before showing or telling me anything I always ask that people sign a nondisclosure to protect them and myself and to keep things in confidence. I have attached one I use. Look it over and if it looks okay to you make sure you put your address info on the top of the first page in the blank lined area. People always miss that.
Put the name of the product on the space towards the bottom of the second page, where it says "Items for Review" sign and date it. You can scan and email it back to me or snail mail it to the address below. Once We both have a copy you can send the info to me."

Here is the first paragraph of the agreement. Guess what 90% of them forget to do? Do you think that gives me a feeling they really read the rest of the document?

This Mutual Agreement (this “Agreement”) is made by Roger Brown, P.O. Box 7122, North Augusta, SC 29861 and
__________________________________________________________________it is necessary and desirable that each party to this agreement may disclose certain proprietary information to the other party to this agreement.
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