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Need help for few inventions

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Need help for few inventions

Post  vapor lighter on Tue 30 Aug 2011 - 17:55

Peopler at inventorspot forum pointed me this new forum to get help.

I invented 3 vaporization devices, demo videos are at

I filed PPA about 6 weeks ago. I use the devices vaporize tobacco in the car or living room, people around me smell nothing at all. I made many sets give friends, they all use my devices and forgot about the other pipes, vaporizers. I used cough all the time, spit black stuff, since vaporize instead of smoke, I am cough free. yes, all 3 devices are fully tasted and used by people have them all the time.

The basic concept is people always use flame itself to lit smoking material, combustion it and produce smoke. Inhale 4000 poison stuff in the smoke and some lighter fuel from the flame, then produce second smoke to poison others.

Now if we use the hot air stream above flame tip to vaporize smoking material, not only it produce no harmful smoke, we also inhale no lighter fluid. Gain a lot health benefit, conserves smoking material and vapor taste wonderful.

I try to file the utility myself, check pto for info, find out it is too much for me to handle, if you can lean a hand, that be great. Also if you can help me to find investor or any other help, to push this device on the market to help 1.2 billion smokers, that's very good karma.

I have two new ideas, one for measuring, one for egg peeling. Don't have the money for PPA, don't have the wording for patent filing, so hope to find a co-inventor to develop the two ideas.

Measuring device - Magnetize fish line by same distance dots, replace type measure’s type by the line, a sensor count the dots and measure the distance and display digitally. Build in tempe/distance auto justify. Preset distance, when reached, show sound or light single or lock. Memorize few lengths need to be measure, don’t need to write them down any more.

Egg peeling device - Patent searched, youtube searched. Googled, egg peeling devices could be improved. Not the industry kind, that I didn’t search.

The best ideas on youtube, use presure to pup egg out. special way to cock and cool the egg then peel, use chemical to soft the shell etc. All seems not good enough.

My concept is, you cannot peel an egg without crank the shell first. The small the more cranks the easier to peel. So I cocked eight eggs, find a kitchen tool which I don’t know its name. It is a stainless sheet made tool for cutting potato into small long strips. it has 4 sides, 3 different holes on 3 side for 3 sizes, another side has horizontal cutting lines for slice potato etc. You should know what is that. Any way, I roll/knock egg on flat table, small hold side of the tool and middle hole side of the tool, 3 different results. The eggs roll on the small hole are most easy to peel. the flat the least.

So my idea is to use the principle making gloves, rolling board, rolling container for easier peeling egg. The rolling container could be hand or power. Inside wall has those small tips, roll eggs inside at certain speed, finely crank egg shell, keep rolling, maybe even shell will lose also (add water inside?)

Anyway, I am an inventor who is almost homeless, but enjoy life and trying to improve life all I can. Heard this new place is the best for helping inventors, got to come to say hi and try my luck!

vapor lighter

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Re: Need help for few inventions

Post  Mark Reyland on Wed 31 Aug 2011 - 10:40

Hi Vapor Lighter

I saw you were having trouble on EN and Ispot – unfortunately those forums are not the best place to go if you really do want to learn this process.

I can’t promise you that anyone here will take your idea and run with it. But I can promise that between this forum, the blog and the main UIA site, along with the inventor help line you will find plenty of great information to help you understand the process.

This is an industry where professionals respect effort. If you take the time to really learn this craft the professionals will take notice and that’s when you will find they start to really help you.

Good luck – and use the resources available to you

Mark Reyland

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